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Precision CNC Machining

At Seaboard Manufacturing’s Clearwater facility, we offer a variety of precision CNC machining services including milling, turning, and prototyping.

CNC Milling Services

Seaboard Manufacturing’s computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling services facility in Clearwater allows us to complete jobs ranging from a single prototype to large run productions.

We have over 50 years of collective experience producing high quality high tolerance machined products for a variety of industries. Let us know how we can help you with your project.

CNC Turning Services

Seaboard Manufacturing’s CNC turning services produce precision turned parts with on time delivery. Our CNC turning teams can machine complex parts quickly and competitively. We offer precision CNC turning for a wide range of applications.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you with top-notch CNC turning services.

Rapid Prototyping

Seaboard Manufacturing’s CNC machines allow the fast prototyping of parts produced from a CAD software design. Regardless of where you are in the design process we can rapidly create precise parts to help you realize your vision.

Let us help you make your dream a reality–contact us today about our rapid prototyping products.


Hear what our customers have to say about our workmanship and professionalism.


Below are some of our precision CNC machined projects, for the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive industries and beyond.

Aerospace Projects

The variety of material types increases the CNC challenges along with tight tolerances required to meet the aerospace industry standards. Seaboard has established a multi sourcing structure for both materials and finishing applications that may be needed.

Sheet metal fabrication with certified epoxy primer. Bomb rack unit mounting brackets for C-130. C-130 Component--Aerospace Component Mounting Brackets--Aerospace Components Mounting Brackets--Aerospace Components

Defense Projects

The Defense sector can have a significant number of requirements. Meeting the specifications for this market can be more influential sometimes than the actual machining.

USN Pins--Defense Components
Gun Components Private Sector Component USN Pins--Defense Components USN Pins--Defense Components

Marine Projects

Every new market brings with it a learning curve. Getting and opportunity to enter the Marine market allowed Seaboard the privilege of learning about the industry and helped us recognized that our expertise in custom work lends itself well to supporting the industry. We strive to clearly understand how the customer will be utilizing quoted parts so that we can provide value added engineering input and supply high quality products.

Custom Multitool
Tackle Block Tackle Block Davit Mounts Custom Multitool

Precision Machining

Functionality, cost, and quality are of the utmost importance when you’re a custom machining shop. The ability to consistently improve each of these key measures is critical for the growth our business and future success.

Fluid Control Fittings
Fluid Control Fittings Alignment Gages Alignment Gages Custom Gaging Custom Gaging Custom Gaging Custom Gaging Expansion mandrils for hose connection assemblies Expansion mandrils for hose connection assemblies Expansion mandrils for hose connection assemblies Stainless Steel Sealing plates. Battery Manufacturing Stainless Steel Sealing plates. Battery Manufacturing Aerial surveillance components Aerial surveillance components used for land surveyors equipment.

“Seaboard manufacturing have provided us with excellent customer service and we look forward to a long working relationship with them. They have proved adaptable and resourceful meeting our deadlines when needed and being prepared to go the extra mile when asked.”


Owner, Maritime Patrol Industry

“Just wanted to pass along good words from our engineering group that had to assemble the CD-Mast material. They wanted me to know the parts from Seaboard went together really well and the quality and workmanship was exceptional. I know this was an expedited program and Seaboard put out all efforts to make this happen in a compressed time table. Please pass this appreciation and thanks to everyone involved at Seaboard”.


Buyer III, Sparton

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